Hobnobs in their natural habitat.

McVitie's Hobnobs are the PM's favourite kind of biscuit. As of the Snowball Incident, all human-sized cupboards in No.10 are required to contain at least one packet of them.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • Memo: All cupboards in building large enough to shelter an adult human should henceforth be supplied w/at least one (1) packet of biscuits. (6/2/12)
  • Two packets of Hobnobs & an orange. Will be able to hold out till at least dinnertime. After that, might have to risk it & hit the kitchens. (5/2/12)
  • Hobnobs! Yes! Best kind. Would ask for them every day but don't want to seem picky. Unattractive quality, picky...ness. #elevensesaremagical (17/1/12)
  • Hobnobs! Brilliant! (29/12/11)